Cruise Leads for Sale

  Thank you for visiting today.  Please note that we no longer have a 'Wait List' for leads.  Please contact us to see if we have any current openings for new agents!   

  Thank you for visiting our site. may be able to help you, the travel professional, increase both your sales and net profit. The cruise industry is growing rapidly and there are many options for the cruising public when it comes to picking a cruise and their cruise agent. There are thousands of people searching the internet as you read this looking to book a cruise or find help with booking their next cruise holiday. We are a sales and marketing tool designed especially for you when it comes to Cruise Leads for Sale.

The crew of has been involved with the internet and cruise lead generation and distribution for over fifteen years. We have delivered over one hundred thousand cruise leads over those years and we are still very active in generating and delivering fresh and new cruise leads to many different travel professionals and agencies today.

Many of the travel lead sites online offer general travel leads or just sales leads, we offer only cruise leads for sale. When you purchase cruise leads from us, we will only send each cruise lead to one buyer.  We do not send the lead to 3 or more other agents like some of our online web competitors. We will never intentionally send any of our cruise leads to more than one of our clients.

Types of Cruise Leads we sell:

Foreign Cruise Leads: these leads will be from people living in other countries besides the US and Canada. They can come from Australia, the UK, China, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and even Africa. We have found that sometimes, the people filling in these foreign cruise quotes are Americans living abroad. Others are citizens of those countries or professionals working within those countries. Working Foreign Cruise Leads is just like working any other cruise lead, you need to be quick, kind and professional.

Premium Cruise Leads: these leads will be from people living in the US or Canada. The leads will be for the types of cruises we call Premium Cruise Lines. Some examples of the premium types of cruises would include Carnival Cruises, Princess Cruises 2016, RCCL, NCL, Celebrity, Cunard, Holland America, Celebrity.   Carnival Cruises is the most popular cruise line, so, expect a few of the leads to be Carnival Cruises 2015 or Carnival Cruises 2016 voyage sailings.

Luxury Foreign Cruise Leads: these luxury cruise leads will come from countries outside of the US and Canada and they will be for luxury cruise lines. Some examples of the luxury cruises would include Silversea, Seabourn, Crystal and Regent, Windstar and all major river cruise lines, including AMA Waterways, Avalon Waterways, UniWorld and Viking.

Luxury Cruise Leads: these will be the luxury cruise leads and quotes that are generated in either the US or Canada. Again they will include Silversea, Seabourn, Crystal, Windstar and the Regent ships.  Other luxury leads can also be from Celebrity, Holland America, Cunard depending on the suites requested, sailings and length of sailings.  All River Cruise leads are considered luxury now and they could come from any of the major river cruise lines including Viking, Avalon, AMA and UniWorld, plus other.

Please take your time and review the Sample Cruise Leads that we provide and the FAQ page.  We also have a page for Pricing the Cruise Leads we sell.  The most important thing we can say about the leads we generate is that they need to be worked very quickly and with professional application and knowledge.  These cruise leads may not work for everyone at this time in their career. That may sound harsh and abrasive, but, not all travel professionals have the product knowledge and first hand experience of cruising.  If you do not have a strong cruise product background you may want to wait until you do, before you buy any of our leads.

Many clients ask us how many cruises they may be able to sell using our leads.  We wish we could give you a number, but we cannot. We do not have any idea of your abilities and product knowledge. Nor do we know if you have ever been on a ship or have cruised on multiple ships. Our desire is for everyone to sell as many cruises as they can from our leads, thus coming back again and again.  For great information regarding upcoming cruise seasons, Cruises 2016 provides cruise schedules, sailings and other cruise information. For some of the best Alaska Cruise info please check out 7 Day Alaska Cruise site for up to the minute sailings and voyages. Another great cruise site for finding discounts and specials would be Crystal 2for1 Cruises where they offer specials and current deals for Crystal.  For upscale luxury family cruises we would recommend the Regent Family Cruises or Silversea Cruises 2016 for the whole family.  We find that many of our clients sell quite a few cruises with our leads and come back for more. 

Please contact us if you would like to sign up and start receiving red-hot cruise leads. Remember, you keep all the commission and it may be that just selling or converting one or two leads pays for all the rest. Try us and Sea!